All The Sad Young Savages


                                                                               NEW!  An Exciting and Chilling Crime Drama



     After his fiancé, Karen, is murdered in a drive-by shooting, a young writer, Matt Warfield, vows to search out her killer. Despite the tearful pleas of Kacey Cutter, Karen’s sister, and the stern warning of a gang squad police sergeant, he makes plans to infiltrate the dark and dangerous, dope-ridden environs of the “hood”, declaring, as a ruse, his intent to write on gang life from the viewpoint of the gang’s members. 

     This is the spark that lights the fuse of an explosive drama, researched through in-depth interviews with actual gang members and police officers, and thorough study of other documentation. A narrow escape from death, a mob boss, a rogue cop, and a harrowing car chase that ends in a fiery crash combine to bring this suspenseful tale to a climax.

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