Pete Peterson — Artist and Novelist

The above mural on canvas, titled "Red Rock Canyon, Spring", by Pete Peterson,
can be viewed at the Red Rock Canyon Grill restaurant  in Omaha, Nebraska


    Pete PetersonArtist and Novelist


     Hi—I’m Pete Peterson. I’m an Oklahoma artist and an author. My paintings are not masterpieces, my novels are not great literature. But if you are regular folks like me, you may like what I do.

     I paint the things I see and love in the world around me—nature, wildlife, and interesting characters I encounter in real life and in the pages of history. I do not believe that a painting must be surrealistic, weird, ground-breaking, political or depressing to be art. Nor do I make apologies that my work is recognizable for what it was intended to represent. If my painting must make a statement, let it say, “Welcome. Enjoy. I hope this makes you feel good.”

     My writing stems from a lifelong fascination with the American West—it’s history, myths and legends. The great-grandson of a Confederate veteran and descendant of Cherokees who trudged the Trail of Tears, I became a devotee and student of frontier history and fiction at an early age. My novels are campfire tales, thoroughly and painstakingly researched and true to the conditions and character of the country and its inhabitants as they existed then.

     So browse through what’s here. Order a print, buy a painting or a book, or just drop me an e-mail and let me know you appreciate what I’ve done.

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In the future you can see others of my paintings on this website, or e-mail me

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