Bloodbath At Picture Rock



A Trace Savage E-book from Melange Books 

Cover art by Pete Peterson


     In Oregon of 1875, Trace Savage, having gained a reputation as a manhunter, is commissioned by the Governor to break up a ruthless robber band of killers, vicious remnants of Quantrell’s raiders, harassing the trade routes and gold camps. Operating from the tiny town of Picture Rock, Savage and his crusty, wisecracking partner, Grizz Hawker, find themselves pitted as well against a mad butcher who is systematically murdering the town’s citizens. Savage unravels the absorbing mystery in Picture Rock, and faces the blazing outlaw guns of the Castle gang.

     Sprinkled with refreshing humor and peppered with love scenes, this is a spellbinding tale of taut drama and explosive action. 

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